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This program is an advanced EGAGRAPH editor with a graphical user interface, mainly intended for use with Commander Keen source mods.

I wrote this tool because the existing tools to edit EGAGRAPH files (like ModKeen and ModId) were not designed to allow the user to add, move or remove sprites. This was fine for modding Keen 4-6, since the amount of sprites is hard-coded in those games and you couldn't add more sprites anyway. But for source mod development, this is a crippling disadvantage. After adding a couple of new sprites for the Foray in the Forest source mod and having to rewrite half of the ModId definition file for that game every single time, I decided to write this tool as a ModId replacement.

This is a Windows program (Win32).


uGrab can:


Earlier versions of ModId (and perhaps ModKeen and others as well) have a bug that may corrupt the bitmap graphics upon export. The hitbox visualization in the exported bitmap is not clipped to the hitbox part of the bitmap and therefore may overwrite parts of the sprite image when exported. This was not an issue with the original sprites, but sprites that have been optimized by uGrab may not be exported correctly by these tools.

The bug has already been fixed in the ModId source, but at the time of writing this, no updated build is available for Windows. If you need to, you can also run uGrab from the command line as a ModId replacement. Although uGrab is not 100% compatible with all the features that ModId has, at least it won't export corrupted bitmaps.


BETA Version 1.011826 KB2020-01-31
BETA Version 1.010818 KB2020-01-23
BETA Version 1.009817 KB2019-11-13
BETA Version 1.008817 KB2019-09-13
BETA Version 1.007814 KB2019-08-07
BETA Version 1.006814 KB2019-07-14
BETA Version 1.005815 KB2019-07-13
BETA Version 1.004812 KB2019-07-09
BETA Version 1.003810 KB2019-07-05
BETA Version 1.002810 KB2019-05-11
BETA Version 1.001810 KB2019-04-27
BETA Version 1.000809 KB2019-04-26


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