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K1n9_Duk3's Enormous Tool (also known as Duke2Edit) was the first Level Editor ever released for Duke Nukem II. As time passed, more and more features were added, so almost every aspect of the game can be changed using this editor.

In 2013, this editor was used by Interceptor Entertainment to modify some of the graphics for the iOS version of Duke Nukem II. Some of the changes were also applied to the Steam re-release of Duke Nukem II.

After the rights to Duke Nukem II were transferred to Gearbox Software, all versions of Duke Nukem II became unavailable.


K1n9_Duk3's Enormous Tool can read and write all file formats of Duke Nukem II. All graphics and the digitized sounds (VOC files) can be converted into modern formats and back, allowing the data to be edited using other modern tools.

System requirements:


Pressing F1 while in the level editor brings up a help text, explaining all the keyboard commands for the level editor.

As of version 0.9c BETA, the editor comes with a PDF file that explains some of the editor's functions and some of the game's file formats. The documentation is very incomplete. It was supposed to be updated at some time, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.


Version 0.9f BETA711 KB2013-09-05
Version 0.9e BETA708 KB2013-08-19
Version 0.9d BETA663 KB2013-04-08
Version 0.9c BETA582 KB2013-03-04
Version 0.9b BETA189 KB2011-08-30
Version 0.9a BETA174 KB2011-03-15
Version 0.9 BETA161 KB2011-03-05

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