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KEENGINE is a game engine similar to the Commander Keen: Goodbye, Galaxy engine. The engine was developed in cooperation with Rübennase for a fan project of the German Commander Keen community at Fan Site Celle, though it could also be used in other projects.

The engine is written in BlitzMax, a Basic-like programming language targeted mostly at beginners. BlitzMax supports object-oriented programming.

System requirements:


There current version of the documentation can be found here (PDF file).


Windows Binaries:

Version 0.49.4 (1.61 MB)

Version 0.49.3 (1.61 MB)

Version 0.49.2 (1.61 MB)

Version 0.49.1 (1.61 MB)

Version 0.49.0 (1.61 MB)

Version 0.48.0 (1.60 MB)

Version 0.47.3 (1.59 MB)

Version 0.45.0 (1.55 MB)

Version 0.44.0 (1.56 MB)

Version 0.41.0 (1.21 MB)

External Tools:

PicFont Compiler (47 KB)


KEENGINE is used by the following games:

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