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Realms of Chaos stores all its assets inside an archive file called ROC.DAT (or ROCSW.DAT for the shareware version). That file is basically an LZH archive with a different extension. Tools like 7-Zip allow you to extract all files from the archive, but 7-Zip itself cannot create new LZH archives or add files to an existing LZH archive.

This package contains everything neccessary to create a new DAT file for Realms of Chaos.


This package contains two programs:

The LHA program can be used to create a new LZH archive files. It is a DOS program, so you will most likely need to run it in DOSBox or other virtualization software.

The files created by LHA are valid LZH archives and the game should able to read them correctly, but there is a problem: All file names in the archives created by LHA are in upper case. Realms of Chaos expects the file names to be in lower case, so it does not find the files it is searching for in the archives created by LHA.

This is where the LZH to DAT Converter comes into play. This tool will convert all file names inside the LZH file into lower case, thus turning the LZH archive into a "valid" Realms of Chaos DAT file. It also re-calculates the checksums in the LZH file, so you can still extract the files using 7-Zip.

Note: The game itself does not check the checksums, so you could just use a Hex editor and convert the file names to lower case by hand if you really want to.


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