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This is a small program that will modify certain bytes in a file based on a very simple scripting language. The syntax of the scripting language is based on CKPATCH syntax, but this program doesn't actually share any code with CKPATCH.

As of version 2.0, this patching utility can process most CKPATCH scripts and create fully patched executables based on those patch scripts.

This is a Windows program (Win32).

Note: If you decide to use this utility, you are doing so at your own risk. Always create a backup of your files before applying any paches.


Version 2.381 KB2021-07-16
Version 2.276 KB2021-07-01
Version 2.175 KB2021-03-14
Version 2.072 KB2020-09-30
Version 1.659 KB2020-01-25
Version 1.558 KB2019-12-06
Version 1.450 KB2018-08-30
Version 1.350 KB2018-08-28
Version 1.242 KB2018-06-06
Version 1.141 KB2018-05-16


You can find some patches for use with this tool here.

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